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Il Prisma Destination BU developed a new brand strategy and brand positioning for Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia, Curio Collection by Hilton. Nature-immersed, Baia di Chia is a place for curious travelers looking for regenerating and authentic experiences, bound to the local culture and its natural environment, and willing to discover more. Taking inspiration from the wild, secluded ecosystem and the unique and rich history of Chia, the designers developed the concept of ‘The Spirit of Nature’ that brings to life three brand pillars: being Nature’s guests, tapping into the history and stories of the place, re-connecting to the simple pleasures of life.The final result is a hotel that offers its guests a journey full of stories and rituals, inviting to recharge one’s body and mind — with the utmost respect to the environment. A protected habitat to both the wildlife and the people visiting it.

Arriving to the resort by car, once turning off the main road, guests enter the natural world of Chia, with scented plants and lush vegetation. A knot sculpture, the statement art, triggers the guests’ curiosity upon arrival.

The reception is integrated into nature, with a high-end look and feel, enhanced by hand-crafted accessories and natural materials. At night the drive way is lit up to enhance the visibility of nature and create an inviting atmosphere.

A welcome ritual awaits visitors at the reception: guests receive a simple knotted bracelet and a welcome drink made with myrtle-infused water and local herbs; they can consult historical and contemporary local books while listening to a relaxing background music and enjoying natural scents before to start of their discovery of the place.

The primitive spirit of Bes, pervades Il Ginepro restaurant with symbolic masks and the Knot of Fortune, as a wish of good omen. The restaurant offers local, traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Morning buffet offers a healthy energizing breakfast from local produce: locally made yogurts, ricotta cheese, a selection of fresh seasonal fruit, teas and infuses, local eggs, are served at morning buffet. Sweets and breads are made with dough from local bakeries, freshly baked in house. Dinner buffet and a-la-carte menu feature ancient Sardinian recipes revised with the use of juniper and served in raw wooden plates. The main menu changes every day to offer the best of fresh and local.

Clay and braided straw are the materials that coherently link to the lagoon environment.At the bar, drinks are made with typical spirits and herbs from Baia di Chia; Sardinian cheeses and fig jams, typical of the area, are served in ceramic plates, accompanied by Carasau bread served in typical bread baskets.Standard cocktails are revised with a modern twist.

In a more secluded area, closer to Il Ginepro restaurant, visitors can discover the chef’s garden featuring herbs, scents, edible flowers and berries; local gin tasting can be arranged here, too.

The swimming pool offers a beautiful area where to chill in the sun, relax, sunbathe and enjoy a refreshing dive – a perfect place to disconnect from everything. The signage communicates the hotel’s sustainable approach, reminding guest that reducing waste is the best way to respect the environment.

Suite rooms take their names from words in the local dialect, reflecting the nature of Chia and inspiration from the Macchia Mediterranea. Some rooms are named after a specific view—sea, lagoon, nature—they offer.

Besides being the plant of Sardinia, myrtle is also an ancient symbol of good omen. On departure, the hotel’s guests receive a myrtle-scented bookmark, which acts as an olfactory memory—a sensory recall to Baia di Chia even when far away, while reading their favorite books. A knot reminds of the bound between man and nature, becoming a lucky charm.


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