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The poetry of nature

A team of Il Prisma Destination BU oversaw the brand strategy and brand positioning for Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort, part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. This luxury hotel is a natural wellness destination in the heart of Tuscany, conceived for guests in quest for a balanced lifestyle. Designers leveraged the resort’s deep connection with nature and local history to develop a concept called The Poetry of Nature, organized around four brand pillars: the healing power of nature, the journey of wonder, the language of the soul, the guest house. The result is a tailored wellness journey made of wonders. An intimate experience to learn how nature can heal soul and body.


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The guest house

Since the start of the business in late 19thcentury, it had been family-run. The place’s authenticity is still toldthroughout the traces left over time. We recreated this familiar atmosphere togive guests a warm welcome, as if they entered someone’s home.

 The language of the soul

In the past, many people of culture and historyvisited the grotto and stayed at the hotel, from Giuseppe Giusti to GiuseppeVerdi, Pietro Annigoni, etc. The legacy of their vocation for art remains as aninvitation to guests to free their minds and fill them back with creativity.

The lobby lounge is reimagined as a placefilled with poetry and literature books, part of the historical heritage of Monsummano.A place where to relax, work, read and enjoy music, as in the parlor of ahistorical mansion.

The Herbal garden

The Bar

The Herbalist bar offers guests uniquecocktails, drinks and treats made exclusively with the herbs from the propertygarden and native ones picked in Mosummano. All is served paired with a suggestedbook or poem to read.

The Restaurant

There’s nothing ordinary when it comes to the Rhymerestaurant: its menus are written in verses, soft music and unexpectedpoetry readings accompany food – a tribute to poet Giuseppe Giusti, from whomthe hotel takes its name.

The journey of wonder

The property’s origins stem from an unexpecteddiscovery. Hence the desire to offer guests unique moments and surprisingdiscoveries that would create engaging and memorable experiences.

The Tuscan lifestyle

An olive tree field owned by the property offers ashelter for unique experiences that range from olive oil tasting to oliveharvest, picnics and workshops.  

The healing power of nature

The grotto’s thermal water has intrinsic healingproperties for the body, while the surrounding nature offers a rich playgroundfor new experiences. We translated the healing power of nature into visualelements such as stones and water.

Guests can choose their spa experience from avariety of menus—inspired by a poem and named after it—each following its ownritual. The main pool is immersed in nature sound playlist to enhance the naturalsurroundings.

An outdoor swimming pool creates a refreshing ambiencefor relaxing, enjoying a drink or having a swim.

The Rooms

Each suite room takes its name from a renowned guestand features gifts and stationery carefully chosen to reflect the celebrity’spersonality, as well as to trigger guests’ creativity. Named after medicinal plants, standard rooms offer animmersive and embracing experience.


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