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Adahan Decamondo Pera, AutographCollection

Il Prisma oversaw the branding strategy, positioning and experience design for Adahan Decamondo Pera, Autograph Collection in Istanbul, Turkey. Situated in the historic Adahan building from 1874, originally a town mansion by the Camondo family, this boutique hotel in the Pera neighborhood is a go-to destination for seekers of a contemporary yet unconventional taste of Istanbul.

Drawing insights from the Camondo family’s history and the Adahan building’s past lives, the team of Il Prisma Destination developed the concept of “Thestage of memories”. Imagine it as a safe island deeply rooted in local culture—an inspirational oasis where guests can create their own journey.

The branding strategy revolves around four pillars: Home away from Home, giving a nod to the building’s original purpose and the Camondo family’s staying place; The Ottoman Renaissance, tapping into the Camondo family’s role in the the Ottoman Empire’s westernization; Letters from the Past, a throwback to previous tenants and the Camondo’s artistic attitude; and TheShow of Beauty, reflecting the family’s love for arts and music.

Welcome area

Arrive and feel like family. Guests receive a warm welcome with a choice of hot or cold beverages infused with oriental spices. A cosmopolitan welcome ritual awaits, a blend of cultures from around the world. Scented candles in the reception area diffuse the signature aroma of lemon cologne water, inviting guests to relax.

The Lobby

Step into a familial environment, featuring quiet corners and a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of the Camondo town mansion’s living room. Designed for flexible bleisure experiences, the common areas include the main bar that conveys an eclectic, nostalgic charm.

Three private lounges, each subtly unique, feature rich velvet fabrics, oriental-inspired vases, and musical touches. Typography-inspired elements grace cabinets filled with vintage typefaces and framed prints on the walls.

A collection of books — thoughtfully placed on bookshelves and in holders dispersed throughout the space — reflects the property’s rich history and the Camondo family’s passions.

The gym

The gym features a theatrical atmosphere with dynamic lighting playing with the contrasts of light and shadow. Hotel guests can opt for private or small group lessons with a personal trainer or join yoga and meditation classes. A self-service corner offers refreshing lemon and ginger-infused water.

Rooftop restaurant

Entering the rooftop restaurant, guests embark on a contemporary gastronomic journey with a modern and Western twist on traditional Turkish cuisine. Signature dishes accompanied by spice-based cocktails. The eclectic contemporary look and feel includes oriental-inspired decorations and nostalgic accents.

Rooftop cocktail bar

The rooftop cocktail bar welcomes visitors with scenicIstanbul views in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for capturing instagrammable moments. The bartender transforms the cocktail experience into a theatrical performance upon request. This surprising and unexpected moment is sure to leave a lasting imprint on the memories of the guests.

TheSignature Cocktail, with lemon scent and smoky spices, pays homage to the Camondo Family’s travels and cultural influences.


Upon entering the room, guests experience a unique welcome ritual, blending contemporary touches with traditional Turkish hospitality greeting.

Departure ritual

On departure, a distinctive ritual unfolds, inspired by traditional family customs. Guests receive a gift bag with a mix of spices, a nod to the Camondo Family’s merchant origins, serving as a flavorful reminder once back home, to evoke memories of the time spent in Istanbul and the unforgettable experience at the hotel.


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