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Can you image a unique destination where to find a flying pool, close to a molecular bar and a polished hotel? It’s the first hybrid lifestyle destination designed for Stone Island.

The new hybrid lifestyle destination is a unique club house designed for alpha men, it offers a new visionary mix of services ranging from:

· restaurant
· wellness
· entertainment
· fashion
· hospitality

A new hybrid dimension that is unique. The new hybrid experience destination store is designed in a futuristic environment mixed with angular shapes and forms.

Neoformula is the key concept driver which explores new combination of services and unique experiences.  The concept provides other revolutionaries spaces within this parallel world recreated, hybridizing all the main elements representing the values of Stone Island such as innovation, tradition and manhood.

The main designer driver that led the development of the project is the chemical experimentation used by Stone Island for materials and fabrics. Experimentation of materials and bond with innovative materials starts from the entrance that was designed with fabrics and garment blocks of Stone Island collections, creating a time line. This façade is dressed by mutable fabrics with different colors and thermochromics materials reagent to light.

The greater expression of the cosmic world is represented by fly yoga and flying experience where alpha men can wear Stone Island items to test the endurance. Nautical represents unique drinking experience at Oxygen bar, molecular bar while the ice bar with a low climate conditions allow alpha men to test. Transparent flying pool overlooks the upper floor of the structure which continues beyond the architecture of the space. The Virtual Run imitates the military exercises.


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